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Message posted by WheresJanet on November 22, 2017 at 19:05:42 PST:

They have only acknowledged the historical side of Area 51. I'm 99% certain that the US Government to this day, has never admitted to Area 51 being active in modern day. At least not in an unclassified setting! Regardless of what they did 50+ years ago, there are still civilian and federal "customers" that wish to maintain their anonymity! Considering that some of the logistics directly involve their "customers," I would imagine there is still a certain required level of secrecy, that they need to preserve! If anything, it's harder now, than ever before, to "track" vehicles belonging to Area 51. Area 51 used to use extremely unique US Government license plates, now they do NOT! Now they use civilian style, Nevada license plates. The only way to determine if it is a genuine Area 51 vehicle, is to see if the vehicle has a 4 digit number, on the front and rear bumper of the vehicle. Unless the vehicle is driving through Gate 100, Rachel Gate, Janet Terminal, etc. It would be pretty difficult to identify a vehicle from Area 51, just by regular Nevada license plates and 4 digit vehicle codes, if it were to be spotted sitting in traffic on the 15 freeway!

Hope this helps!

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