Edwards AFB Aerial Reconnaissance Calibration Range...

Message posted by WheresJanet on August 08, 2017 at 0:13:28 PST:

HELLO! I am not sure if this has ever been discussed in the history of DLR but if not, I thought some of you, if not most of you, will find this pretty interesting! From what I have read, these different "ranges" on EAFB are to help calibrate reconnaissance cameras. I'm not sure if it is just restricted to aircraft, space, or maybe even both! Again, from what I have read, it's like an "eye exam" for cameras...

Here is a list of all the sites on EAFB that I've managed to discover:

34.821865, -117.829113

34.827826, -117.794587

34.830791, -117.777236

34.832367, -117.768049

34.833816, -117.759546

34.835182, -117.751512

34.836640, -117.742788

34.840793, -117.726106

34.845368, -117.691228

34.851266, -117.657356

34.857163, -117.621336 (WOW)

34.862778, -117.587405

34.868720, -117.551970

34.867789, -117.586828

Out of respect for DLR, I won't attach any links to any particular article, but if you were wondering, the official name is "Photo Calibration Targets."



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