Groom Lake ASR.

Message posted by WheresJanet on August 06, 2017 at 4:10:42 PST:

Hello, I was browsing around some current and historical satellite imagery of our favorite base, Area 51. During that time, something quite interesting stood out to me! It appears to be an ASR! Air Surveillance Radar (ASR). Most airports in the United States, military bases, etc, have them. They're not uncommon, but I always assumed if Area 51 had one, it would be housed in one of the radomes on top of Bald Mountain! ASR's are very distinct. All ASR's have a support building usually within feet from the radar tower. Everything in the satellite image above, seems to meet those criteria! In different satellite imagery dates, the radar dish itself, seems to be pointing in different directions. It is still possible that there is an ASR housed above Bald Mountain, but maybe it is used in support of NTTR//Red Flag. It would make more sense to have a secondary ASR, to see the low approaching aircraft inside the valley Area 51 resides in.

Coordinates to suspected ASR Site: 37.243352, -115.814954



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