Re: Possible crash East of Nellis AFB, near Lake Mead Blvd

Message posted by casper_n on July 20, 2017 at 15:33:47 PST:

There's a local Facebook group here in Vegas that tracks scanners and police/fire/rescue activity. They were going crazy about this about midnight last night. Reports of military police telling residents near Nellis to shelter in place and not leave their apartments. Then there was something about a semi blocking the road up into the sheep range. Reports of green lights, and then helicopters ... and of course about 100 people screaming about aliens.

Multiple individuals reported having seen video of lights appearing to crash into the mountain, although (if they are to be believed) Facebook deleted all of their posts that included the video.

And now the whole thread appears to have disappeared, so I can't link to it for you.

Also, while I've lurked long enough on this forum to know not to question Peter, I have seen no news coverage of another Draken crash. Nothing since last August. Weird that it didn't even make Google news search.

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