Re: looking for footage of antelope valley unknown aircraft

Message posted by Jim on July 18, 2017 at 18:27:04 PST:

A friend told me about this footage rising up for discussion. At first, I thought it'd be fun to just kick back and see how it developed, but then I thought you'd like the complete story.
That was shot from Lancaster roughly looking toward Wrightwood from 3rd St East near J. Equipment was a very late 80's nightscope married via adaptors to a Sony Hi* camcorder. Pretty good stuff at the time. The craft in question did not actually circle the general aviation aircraft. That plane was what was being tracked by the camera when the other vehicle appeared much farther and much, much higher than the other and made the hairpin turn. There wasn't any racetrack course involved. Fortunate the other aircraft provided a point of reference though. The footage showing the action was given as a copy to "Aviation Week & Space Technology". It was found to be a real craft travelling through the skies against the star field. Somebody there leaked it to the show "Unsolved Mysteries". When contacted, in person, they said it was from Bob Lazar. Yeah, right. That crock of crap was put to rest with a copy of the entire footage of the night in the backyard including the kids. Since then, it has surfaced on "Sightings" and others. The youtube thing was not authorized but nowadays, how can you stop cyber-crooks? My thoughts on the vehicle... I believe it was an RPA as the speed and severity of the turn would have probably turned any pilot into jelly. Now you have the rest of the story.

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