looking for footage of antelope valley unknown aircraft

Message posted by rickshaw on July 17, 2017 at 11:24:00 PST:

Hello again,

As part of my ongoing quest to collect footage, photographs, and documentation of black project aircraft speculation, I came across a reference to footage of a mystery aircraft flying in Antelope valley:

"Oh yeah. The fast aircraft that flew late at night doing racetrack turns in Antelope Valley. I think everyone has seen the video footage of that craft doing a racetrack turn in a night vision scope with a much slower aircraft with strobes on in the center of the view screen and some guy filming it yells "holy cow!". I know it's up on youtube somewhere."

That's the first and only reference to this footage I've found on the web. It was posted in 2015 on an aviation forum, but the poster makes it sound like the footage had already been circulating the web for a bit by that point.

I've spent some time trying to dig up this footage, and have searched youtube a bit, with no luck. It's hard to come up with any useful search terms. I'm hoping somebody on this forum might know what that user was talking about.

Of course I'm interested in any other information anyone has about Antelope valley as well, I've heard anecdotal reports that strange things fly out there pretty regularly.



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