All in The Family At Groom

Message posted by Wolfbane on March 14, 2002 at 17:12:11 PST:

To the DLR:

There has always been a close working releationship between the following at Groom Lake:

1. CIA
2. Skunk Works
3. MIT
4. Hughes (anyone remember the myterious Howard Hughes, and how he would sometimes disappear in Nevada, and everyone thought he was hold up in one of his penthouses in Vegas?) The Hughes Corp. was also one of the major CIA-toy-makers.

From time to time, some of the DLR members asks me "what is the first thing you notice when you enter
the EG&G terminal at Groom?" or something like that.
When I went there (A-51), I always went MilTrans (military transport), I've never been on one of those
graceful little 737s known as "Janet." Now here's a question for the DLR forum members: How did the EG&G
airline, referred as "Janet," get its name? An all too obvious clue - yes it was named after a female. But who? And most importantly, why?



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