Re: Protect Crash Sites

Message posted by Peter Merlin on July 13, 2017 at 7:57:41 PST:

The biggest issue I have with this guy is that he explicitly said he was going to do one thing and then did pretty much exactly the opposite. He was dishonest about his intentions.

I had nearly the same experience with a young man who professed a desire to find some crash sites around Edwards. He made it sound like he just wanted to have some fun exploring the desert with his dad, then he made a web site on which he offered framed parts displays for sale at outrageous prices.

People have been collecting crash relics since the first time a Wright Brothers aeroplane cracked up and if you look on eBay you will find pieces of the Hindenburg and other airships, warbirds from the Battle of Britain, and modern jets. While there is technically nothing inherently "wrong" with such activities, it is abhorrent that some individuals are willing to employ social engineering to con people out of information for personal gain.

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