Protect Crash Sites

Message posted by fostervs on July 12, 2017 at 16:47:27 PST:

This is why I refuse to give out coordinates anymore, especially for crash sites.

This guy saw one of my Youtube video's, and emailed:

"Hello sir my name is Rick Brunson and i was hoping you would be willing to help me locate the crash site of A12 60-6926/#123. I work at Napa and I recently came into contact with Maj James Sullivan who piloted the record flight from NYC to London in a SR71 (he was buying spark plug wires for his Corvette) and in chatting he indicated there was a crash near Wendover which i may like to see (Wendover is about 90 miles away from Tooele Ut where we both live). Ive searched all over and cant find any real information aside that its approx 14 miles south of Wendover nor able to find anyone willing to share the info openly and i understand why but im not a looter and have no intensions of desecrating the site i would just like to see in person where the first one went down. I've always been fascinated with things like that. I am an Eagle Scout and US Army veteran and i give you my word of honor as both that if you share with me where to find it that i will conduct myself in an appropriate manner and not post it all over the Internet or take anything or anything like that.
Thank you for your time and consideration,
Rick Brunson"

Then I see this on eBay:


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