Re: Other things to do on the trip up to A51 and Rachel

Message posted by Gregos on June 25, 2017 at 12:51:36 PST:

A suburban should do really well up there -the roads around Area 51 are great. Big enough to haul all your supplies. Don't forget to pack lots of extra water. I used to buy 6 gallons from Wal*Mart in a box (as extra) and then I'd take two gallons of cold water for drinking. Remember, besides you the SUV might need it too!

I was just out there for JFEX and I had a SUV reserved. When getting it, the rental the agent said, "Take anything in this row." 3 SUVs and a Nissan pick-up. I grabbed the pick-up as I had tons of stuff. The day before I headed "up north," I went to Nellis to see what was on the ramp. I went down the dirt road that goes along the fence line north of the runways, and as I went to turn around I started getting stuck. I tried several places and the same thing. I decided to back up all the way until I hit a nasty "S" turn and got stuck in the middle. I pulled forward again and tried to turn around. I got stuck permanently now. Crap! I phoned my wife to look up a tow co. to come get me. When he gave me the quote I nearly soiled myself. I had no choice. I don't think I did anything wrong as I been down that road many many times with 2WD and 4WD. I knew where I couldn't go. I think the truck just didn't have the weight in the back. My point is you cannot predict the future. Luckily, I had cell phone service and I wasn't in a really really remote location. Oh, I only had a liter of water and it was close to 100F!

Have a great time up there!

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