old Steve Douglass video files, once hosted on DLR

Message posted by rickshaw on June 22, 2017 at 19:59:16 PST:

I've been digging through the forum archives here looking for the interesting tidbits, and I found this thread:

Steve Douglass posted two videos he had at that time digitized:

"The first was taken from just outside the Roswell Industrial Air Center and is what I think is a pulse-detonation wave engined craft .

The second is of two "flying triangles" that I shot flying near the Chisum VOR (five miles west of Roswell) and may be the best daylight video of taken of what could be a still unacknowleged aircraft. Some wgo have viewed the video say they are F-14s, others have guessed from everything ranging to F-117s to Vulcan bombers."

Joerg even apparently hosted the videos, but the links are broken:


Joerg, any chance of digging these old files up? I'm super curious to see them and I've been trying to collect all the available data on black project speculation. Video files from Steve Douglass would be invaluable to me.

Attached link: old DLR forum thread


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