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Message posted by Hal on March 14, 2002 at 14:25:40 PST:

The Snow Bird of my acquaintance was about that size, although I never saw a full sized one up close, only the RCS model. But in RCS testing one scales the aircraft and the radio frequency. So for an example, a one-tenth scale model would require that the radio frequency be increased by a factor of 10 (or reduce the wavelength by a factor of 10). I remember looking at the model and at the microwave transmission equipment and making a mental calculation of the size of the real thing.

It was a couple of years prior to this sighting that I saw the model--just wondering if it evolved into a single vertical stabilizer beast in 1995. But the craft I saw in 1999 had two vertical stabilizers, canted inward. All I can say about its altitude is that it was higher than the airliners seen a bit later, and that it moved much, much faster.

A word about aircraft evolution. If Snow Bird evolved out of Brilliant Buzzard, it is possible that other modifications of Snow Bird exist with other names--that's how it works. I saw at least two entirely different versions of the stealth helo and they had separate names, even though it was obvious that they 'began life' as a Comanche--change something and change the name!

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