Sabotage on rental car during stay at Windmill Ridge in 2014

Message posted by crossair on April 30, 2017 at 14:48:06 PST:

Wonder if the community has experienced a similiar situation like I did during a stay at Windmill Ridge on a Sunday morning in April 2014: While I stayed in one of the cabins a tire of my rental SUV that was parked in front of my cabin had a flank puncture in one of the tires which looked to be sabotaged by somebody during the night with a screw driver. Any other cause of the damage seems unexplainable as I arrived in Alamo all the way from Death Valley through Tonopah, Basecamp and Rachel that day without any tire damage and I did not use any rough roads like Tybo Road or GLR. While air was rushing off the tire I was able to drive to the Alamo gas station to look for help but they couldn't assist as they had no air pump. They directed me to the Ash Springs gas station and its neighbouring tire shop but its owner didn't have a similiar tire available and couldn't break the safety locks on my wheel to put up the spare tire as the key was not in my rental. After the damaged tire received some additional air I humbled back to Windmill Ridge while I was able to make contact with my car's OEM emergency hotline through the car mounted SIM card (must have been an AT&T card as my smartphone's T-mobile SIM had no reception). The OEM arranged for a service car to meet me at Windmill Ridgeto to help with changing my tire. The contractor's service guy showed up within 10 minutes after my call (from Alamo with a tow truck). He was able to break my wheel locks very quickly to put up my spare tire in no time. After paying 40 bucks to the guy I drove back to Vegas to change my rental car. So I spend the Sunday going back and forth to Vegas and spend another night at Windmill Ridge without incident to my rental this time. Anyone with a similiar experience?


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