XB-70 and YF-12A at Edwards

Message posted by Dean Oneal on March 17, 2017 at 21:30:24 PST:

After over 50 years, I still remember the 1966 Edwards AFB Airshow. I was nine years old and I was there with my dad. I remember an F104 Starfighter flight and I think a Thunderchief flight. I cannot recall the XB-70 flight- maybe because of its supersonic pass.

However, what was welded in my mind that day and recalled on many others since then is the flight by the YF-12A, which my young buddies and I knew only as the "Blackbird". There was no announcement of it, just a curious lull and silence before a small black spec appeared in the distance moving toward us. It rumbled by with a single, slow, level pass. I was speechless and frozen as it rumbled by! After it passed out of sight, my dad blurted out- "What the hell was that thing?" At that point, I totally freaked out! I was uncontrollable- jumping up and down yelling to my dad- "it was the Blackbird!"

The picture of that amazing plane slowly rumbling by us that day is what put me on this computer tonight trying to confirm that the b-bird flew in the '66 show. Thanks to your discussion about the mentioned book, now I'm sure. Thanks to all for the helpful info......


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