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Message posted by Richard on March 12, 2002 at 13:57:04 PST:

While we are on the topic of 'transporting special forces' by stealth.
A British company called AVPRO, quite a famous company for designing LO aircraft and Weapon based systems designed a few years ago (off-topic i know, but it was a LO design team) a system where a team of four special forces troops could be transported using a standard RAF Harrier GR7. They were to be put inside slipstreamed pods (2 men in each), big enough for life support, a 155Ib bergen and full suite of weapons needed for their task. These pods were to fit on the outer pylons of the wings, one on each side.
This would then be used to insert the soldiers extremely quickly, and of course land them vertical, the Harrier if needed would provide fire support before and/or afterwards.
If the Harrier got into difficulty while carrying the troops, the pilot needing to eject, it would also simulataneously eject the pods, with their own life support systems and chute system, fully waterproof.
I think the MoD expressed interest, but i havent heard of it going any further.
AVPRO are the 'people' who have supposedly designed the new BAe Systems HALO programme, and many other LO projects in the past and present for various countries.
They have i believe also designed a few projects that Northrop have expressed interest in, although conformation is hard to get of course.

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