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Message posted by Richard on March 12, 2002 at 13:46:40 PST:

I have watched China Lake operations from the general vicinity of where Hal mentioned, it does turn out to be quite good at times.
However i have also seen SAOEU Tornado's on Weapons trials when i was in Death Valley, they came overhead and turned around to back into China Lake.

Just staying in the general area of Barstow, and the highway north of Edwards you will see quite a few 'things' flying about, even when on the interstate from LA to Las Vegas, where just north is Ft Irwin, and when Air Warrior is active, you will see lots of aircraft. Just south of the same spot is 29 Palms MCAS, again, i saw several F-18s in ACM when i went to the Pisgah Fault area (The road is cracked several inches wide and pot holes several feet deep in places due to earthquakes, one when i was there)

So, to recap.... just mingle about in the general circle of Edwards, China Lake and Barstow... you are bound to see something on a daily/nightly basis, and from the Barstow to Mojave highway, you can also view Edwards North Base, albeit a bit distant, and whenever i have viewed from here, it has always been too hazy to see anything discernable accept a few larger aircraft (C130s etc).


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