First post - Planning a trip, getting contacts

Message posted by Gnouze on January 02, 2017 at 10:11:58 PST:

Hi all

I'm french, 44, and a very long time military aviation fan. My library on the subject is quite impressive. I also fly as a private pilot (about 500 hrs, as of today) , and in simulations like DCS (I love to fly over the NTTR).
I've been dreaming about going to Nellis AFB and to the range during a Red Flag. Maybe this year as I don't want to postpone it a year again. A day around the base. And then a trip to Coyote Summit and other lookouts where I could watch action. And why not a flight out of North Las Vegas airfield to the range (R4807A) which is "open" during the weekend.

Any advice, or contact, would be greatly appreciated.
I will make a list of questions so you can better help me.

Thnaks in advance

Vincent "Gnouze"


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