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Message posted by Peter Merlin on December 29, 2016 at 8:50:17 PST:

The Groom Lake facilities are primarily used for developmental flight-testing of aircraft and associated weapon systems, including RCS measurements and avionics testing.

This is also true for the Air Force airfield at TTR, which is an adjunct to Groom Lake. The Sandia operated portion of the TTR complex is a sophisticated outdoor laboratory for ballistic testing of nuclear weapon shapes, stockpile evaluation, and research and development test support for Department of Energy/National Nuclear Security Administration funded weapon projects as well as other Government agencies and their contractors. There is also an electronic combat range and a large collection of radar threat systems at TTR Site 4.

. During the 1960s, the mission of TTR began to evolve to include rocket launch capability for testing parachute systems and shock-resistant components, the emplacement of 155mm and 203mm guns to test Artillery-Fired Atomic Projectile (AFAP) designs, high-explosive studies, and blast effects.

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