Re: four Groom Lake runways

Message posted by Peter Merlin on December 28, 2016 at 17:14:21 PST:

Actually, the correct designation for the active main concrete runway at Groom Lake is 14L-32R. As previously noted, the old main runway (originally 14-32 and later 14R-32L) is now closed.

The lakebed runways 09-27L/R and 03-21L/R are primarily used in the event that crosswinds are too high to allow landing on the main runway, and also for emergency landings. They would never be used for munitions drops, as even inert shapes would damage the lakebed surface, which is considered an active airfield.

At one time, starting in 2001, the South Delta Taxiway was marked as a runway (12-30), but these markings have since been removed.

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