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Message posted by jklier on December 16, 2016 at 6:49:47 PST:

True or not I always enjoy reading this story every once in a while. It's fun to imagine someone actually doing this without repercussions.

If true, I've always wondered about the miners cabin he describes. Has anyone ever located such a structure in Google Earth? I assume the "City of the Dead" he describes is the nuke tested Survival City north of Mercury. So the cabin would need to be somewhere north of that on the hike.

A few years ago I did a little Google Earth searching on the supposed hike route. I georeferenced his sketched hike map that's linked in the story and digitized the hike.

Here's link to a KMZ of it if anyone else wants to explore it. Keep in mind this was digitized from a georeferenced map of a rough sketch so there are several layers of potential error introduced. I have no idea of the error but I think it should be relatively close to the original sketched locations.!AuDIXYF5KvVSgaBEI1JeydGzB-dMHQ

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