Tom Delonge - WikiLeaks - Secret Machines

Message posted by themadgenius on November 03, 2016 at 5:44:26 PST:

Hi. There is an interesting thread of email exchanges between Tom Delonge and John Podesta on Wikileaks. Upon checking daily updates, Tom emailed John his new book Secret Machines in its entirety! What makes this interesting is that by reading the email exchanges you can see who Tom was talking to within government and private aerospace companies. What peaked my interest is when Tom discloses that is he actively talking to Rob Weiss at Lockheed Martin. What makes me wonder, usually, secrecy and national security are taken very seriously, and you can't get these companies to budge the least on information it seems. So I wonder if this is active dis-information from R. Weiss to Tom Delonge? I just started reading the book, so far an interesting read, just hope some good and real information comes out of it!


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