Had a wonderful trip to Groom Lake Road last Sunday

Message posted by Jon Arason on November 02, 2016 at 6:10:15 PST:

Hey, I visited the border on Groom Lake Road last Sunday.

I saw the cammo dudes on the hill where they usually stay. I walked around, went up the hill on the right side of the signs where the fireplace is. Then I took some selfies of me with the signs in the background, but suddenly I heard a car honk at me and I saw a white pickup truck on the hill that I had just walked up on. It was another jeep with cammo dudes. The guy in the driving seat looked straight at me and he was moving his hands around, as if he was saying "Get outta here!"

I just waved back and left after a few minutes.

I wonder if it's one of their scare tactics, or if they were annoyed that I was taking pictures. I had already spent around 10 minutes walking around before I took the selfies. I was even at top of the hill where the jeep appeared, not sure where it might have come from. It was hard to hear since it was quite windy.

The jeep then drove off and parked next to the other jeep at the hill where they usually stay on.

I will make sure to submit a trip report here with bunch of pictures :)


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