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Message posted by neonsky on October 24, 2016 at 20:51:47 PST:

Several years ago I camped in my RV in the lower parking lot. One afternoon a Roland Sam truck pulled in with it's support truck. When they saw me they had a quick conference, got back in their trucks and left. I guess I screwed up their play book. I have never parked there again.I personally have never heard them being confrontational. Since they are a mobile unit they have a lot of flexibility, and besides, they are on public land.

Several years ago I once visited a Patriot Missle Battalion camped out in Delamar Valley on BLM land. I ended up getting a private tour of the installation by the Battalion Commander. It was a rare treat.

Bottom line is that you will be treated cordially when you act in a responsible manner.

Coyote Summit/Pass has several camping areas. Because it is a very public place it is rarely used anymore from my experience. You are safe there.


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