Nellis AFB in the movie 'Sully!'

Message posted by Gregos on September 14, 2016 at 19:50:18 PST:

I went to see the movie 'Sully' today and was excited to see they showed him at Nellis AFB on an emergency landing in a F-4 in one scenes. As soon as the scene cut from whatever to the F-4 over the desert, I thought awesome Red Flag! LOL. They even got the runway numbers right for his dodgy approach coming in over Apex! They don't say if it was actually a Red Flag sortie so I guess I'll have to read his book to find out. I saw the movie as a matinee with reclining seats so it was well worth the $6 bucks. The audience really seemed to enjoyed it.

Next time I see him at the bar, I'll have to buy him a "Sully." Grey Goose vodka with a splash of water! ;-)

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