Re: off topic - US told to use Nukes

Message posted by Rocketfox on March 10, 2002 at 11:16:43 PST:

There's a lot of merit in your thought Gary, but I would take into account the fear and hysteria factor from the initial reports. The media has whipped this concept up into such a frenzy even before the event that the psychological effects would far outstrip the reality of the situation. If you recall the initial reports on the tdae Towers, where estimates were placed at 50,000+ eaths, you can see what I mean. And we've had years of preconditioning to the screaming headlines of "Radiation!" and "Nuclear Holocaust!" I can see it, clearly, that the perceptions would overake the reality.

Just my particular take on this, mind, but based on a lot of knowledge in this area from several vantage points.


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