Bus stops... story egg

Message posted by Ross Fields EGG on June 22, 2016 at 21:23:33 PST:

August 2006. Man and wife with two kids dressed in alien outfits and baby alien outfits makes what everyone calls the "White Bus" slow down and almost come to a stop on way to base.. Bus continues.. Everyone on board laughing so hard, rare moment. Man in alien outfit goes back to Vegas with spot vehicle getting license plate. EG&G sets up "fake sweepstakes" under bogus name claiming the man won $951.53 which was sent to him by cashiers check. Man cashes it. Two Days letter man gets letter in mail from bogus sweepstakes company reading "Have you seen the bus website? Yes - it's just the ticket coming tomorrow" Next day comes.. Letter from IRS about a tax scam he tried 5 years in the past that the IRS did not per-sue... Serious legal letter sent summed up like this "The penalty for filing a frivolous tax return is $5,000 and the penalty for Interference with Government employees can be double the fine.. Since you love jokes... You have within 30 days to pay the IRS $5,951.53 or face federal criminal interference charges.. "You will never look at a white bus the same again" -

Hard to image the Worlds Biggest toxic dump site to be silly? if you ever do make it into Area 51 have them take you to the french cuisine restaurant, i heard it's 5 star.


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