Re: Desert road happenings

Message posted by neonsky on June 12, 2016 at 14:01:57 PST:

Not so far fetched. A while back I was towing my 37' 5th wheel up to Rachel for a Red Flag exercise. I was on Rt.93 maybe 7-8 miles before Alamo. I saw flashing lights coming at me on my side of the road. I pulled over as far as I could but there was almost no shoulder. The police cruiser pulled along side of me with the patrolman yelling at me for not getting over enough. What could I say! He then took off quickly and was soon followed by a flatbed with a very wide load. I could not tell you what was on the flatbed truck as I still could not get over the patrolman's actions. What did he expect for me to do, roll by RV into the ditch. Shit like that does happen.

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