Janet schedule update

Message posted by Gabriel on May 21, 2016 at 23:34:45 PST:

Browsing the Flightaware tracking data I have found a few interesting things.
First of all since February there is a new mysterious scheduled 'Janet 639' from TTR/Groom to Vegas on every Sunday afternoon. The aircraft is always a Beechcraft and usually departures after 4pm. (No reverse route found.)

In February Janet 202 made a trip to Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport (KATL) to undergo maintenance. On 5 May it had a nice flight path around KATL and then came back to Vegas next day.

Janet 344 -just like Janet 278- is now a direct flight between Groom and TTR. It departures at 9am usually on Tuesdays but not every week.

Janet 619 is a flight from Palmdale to Vegas at 4:20pm, not every day.

And some minor changes.
New callsigns:
Janet 273 -> Janet 634 4:00pm TTR-Vegas
Janet 537 -> Janet 123 7:00am Groom-Vegas, Mondays/Tuesdays
Janet 568 -> Janet 707 6:00am Groom-Vegas

New departure time:
Janet 336 5:50pm
Janet 362 6:35pm
Janet 547 6:50am
Janet 618 6:30am
Janet 754 8:20am
Janet 853 2:40pm


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