why no extraterrestrial activity at area 51

Message posted by Michael on May 16, 2016 at 16:45:06 PST:

Why is it that most people here at this forum claim there is no extraterrestrial activity going on at Area 51 and Lazar and Lear are whistleblowers who made up stories which are not true? since I have no idea where this knowledge (that there is no extraterrestrial activity going on) comes from (to my knowledge nobody really knows what's going on at Area 51) I thought I'd ask.
it's also weird that if there are really hangars near papouse lake (s4) wouldn't they need more paved roads leading to this place? also the so called dulce underground base, if something like this really exists there should be roads leading into the tunnels, I also cannot believe all these extraterrestrial stories but it's still possible, isn't it?


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