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Message posted by Richard on March 10, 2002 at 5:43:51 PST:

While not going into a purely American point of view here (as i am English), i do think you are correct but there are still a few points the Government need to consider.
I am in no way in support of anyone in terrorist activities and so anyone who does so, should be punished in any way possible, including an 'anything goes' policy...
In my mind, They shouldnt even have camp x-ray, they should shoot them all instead. If they were caught with a weapon in their hand, then they were going to use it, so they are terrorists.

But i still think also that any terrorist activity can be dealth with properly with a large FAE, the second most powerful bomb from a nuke, but it has to be used correctly. Its no good just dropping it from a C130 onto a load of high/rugged mountains like they have been doing (saw it on BBC News), and expecting it to work effectively.
Instead of using up to 20 GPB's on a terror camp, they could use one large FAE and get it over and done with.
If you look at the effects in Chechnya of when the Ruskies dropped various sized FAE's, they did their job very effectively, with some very hard targets just crumbling from the effect of the over-pressure...targets that previously withstood a GP blast.

I maybe wrong, but then i am no expert and i am not anyone who can dictate on what to do...
I guess its just 'wait and see what happens' and see if Bush is stupid enough to conduct a nuke strike in a muslim country (he will have then complete opposition from Saudia Arabia, Jordan, Egypt, and many other Arab countries) something he cant afford to lose.
Then again, it can be disguised, with the major earthquakes happening in the region lately, whos to know if a small nuke, underground in the Kush is used?

The point im getting at though is:
If there is a nuclear theme, then the Middle East is the wrong place to use it... Gung Ho or not.
But dont get me wrong, i am in favour of using these weapons if they are used correctly...(it will probably wipe out 600 american soldiers in the process, that wouldnt be uncommon)

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