Re: off topic - US told to use Nukes

Message posted by Richard on March 09, 2002 at 20:01:24 PST:

There is that possibility yes, it is certainly a device they have probably looked at recently in the 'jump' to using such a weapon.
Perhaps a small yield 2-3Kt weapon would be adequate for what they want in that theatre, but it depends on what their intended target is.
It really has become radical, a step the US of course has to really think about, and what effect this might have on world stabilisation, especially in the Middle East where this is the most likely region of such an event (ie Pakistan and India).
Launching such a device, whether it be a Neutron Bomb or standard Nuclear Bomb on a muslim country will have disastrious effects on the world peace... all hell will break loose in all countries that 'house' Muslims and the religion of Islam will be even more 'anti-western' than it is now...and could trigger world wide catastrophic events such of that on September 11th, especially in the USA and UK where these would bore the brunt of such terror attacks, possibly counter-attacking with a Suitcase bomb, of which we now know Bin Laden had the means to make, albeit not enough 'fuel' for a large one, but that of a dirty bomb instead...enough to do harm in the middle of New York, London or Washington.
It will be very interesting in what comes out of all this, would America risk world terror attacks uprated 100% or not...lets see....
Would love to see Putins face also... even though he is 'pro-anti afghan'

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