B-21 (LRS-B) Unveiled...sorta

Message posted by Chris R. on February 26, 2016 at 9:02:57 PST:

It was interesting to catch in the newsfeed this AM, the "unveiling" of the LRS-B, which we now know to the B-21 - "21st Century Bomber" I guess, rather than the more logical B-3. The artist's depiction reminds me greatly of the first glimpse of the B-2, which was released, what about 1988? Like that case, not much detail. I tried to create an overhead sketch view based on what was released - it'll of course be interesting when the real deal makes it's appearance - wonder if N-G will remember to request closed airspace over the rollout this time...

Attached link: B-21 (Highly Provisional)


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