Re: Drone flight over Area 51

Message posted by FosterVS on February 25, 2016 at 19:46:21 PST:

I've been corresponding with this guy. He has elected to pull the most "interesting" video. If you check his channel again, he has reposted another of the video's he pulled, called "Area 51 Drone Footage - Groom Lake". You can clearly see Groom Lake in this one.

The other one, the "Tikaboo Peak" one: no way did he do this from Tikaboo. Tikaboo is off in the distance if anything. And what looks like a dry lake, I am fairly certain that isn't Groom. Like someone else here posted, I think that is Bombing Range 61 area.

I may not be a turkey, but I am a self-professed Area 51 junky.

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