Re: off topic - US told to use Nukes

Message posted by Richard on March 09, 2002 at 17:07:01 PST:

I believe they mean a low yield weapon. Small enough to be safe from the effects but big enough to do its stuff to the groups of terrorists it will be aimed at.

They havent mentioned whether or not it will be a land based weapon or air launched. However a small tactical nuclear warhead can be introduced into the few ALCM's they have left that have not been converted to CALCM's or by using a BGM-109 for instance.
Then we have the M-110 or M-109 SP guns able to fire a small tactical shell.
You could even use a small enough yield warhead in a free fall bomb, perhaps on mountain complexes.
It will be interesting to see what comes of this, and whether or not the BEEF will be doing the deed at the NTS.

They havent really told on what and how they will be used. Even a small 1KT device can be effective enough for troop concentrations or a cave complex, but then again, so is a FAE...
If used in Afghanistan we can be assured it will cause a huge stir up with its neighbours, India and Pakistan who are already 'that' close to using them on each other anyway... a delicate situation which doesnt need de-stablising anymore.

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