B-2 construction and stealth question

Message posted by themadgenius on February 14, 2016 at 4:32:38 PST:

Hi. I constantly search the internet for construction photos of the B-2. At some point in time, will Northrup or the US Air Force release more photos of the B-2 being built?

I was reading an article, see link, about the B-2 and an interesting exert about when the B-2 is flying over an enemy airspace where maximum stealth is needed in order to make the B-2 turn the aircraft, "However, open rudders are incompatible with stealth (especially from the rear), so the brake-rudders have to be locked shut when the B-2A is going into a combat zone. It is believed that differential engine thrust is used for yaw control when the B-2A is in full stealth mode. but the real means of control is classified."

Can anybody elaborate here on exactly makes the plane turn?

Attached link: Northrop B-2A Spirit


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