A nuclear Vandenberg?

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My first thought would be maybe they are inspecting the Ground-based Midcourse Defense interceptors located at Vandenberg. Maybe there is a limit on how many interceptors the United States are allowed to possess. If you notice, the article does not once mention the GBMD interceptors! What is strange to me is, if Vandenberg does in fact have a nuclear missile presence, it is not announced like other bases such as Bangor, Malmstrom, Minot, FE Warren, Kings Bay, Kirtland AFB, Barksdale, Volkel AB, Aviano AB, Incirlik AB , etc.

It's interesting to look at the "pros" and "cons" of the possibility of a Nuclear presence at VAFB.

Minuteman III silos located on site

Annual unarmed ICBM tests

START representatives on site

NNSA Office of Secure Transportation (OST) seen on VAFB

NO Nuclear WSA on site usually with a sally port type entrance with a double fence perimeter

The bottom line is this what do the valued members of DLR lean towards? Nukes or no Nukes?

The photo above is a NNSA OST truck on the way to meet up with the rest of the OST convoy preparing to enter one of the gates at Vandenberg AFB.

Article from 1/11/16.

"Every six months each country exchanges a database that says how many bombers, missiles, and nuclear submarines we have and where they are," said Coker. "So when they come here they already know what we have here on base, and are verifying that what we have is what they actually see. There are continual messages that get transmitted back and forth to let each other know the status of our nuclear forces."

link: http://www.vandenberg.af.mil/news/story.asp?id=123466682

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