Edwards AFB

Message posted by Rodeo65 on December 28, 2015 at 21:19:01 PST:

FYI - It looks like there is a new GE photo out there of Edwards dated 9/4/15. It shows that they have been cleaning out the south side of the runways. They even took the model of the B-2. Although I can't say for certain, I think that area is called Sites 7 and 8. (I am looking for a map of the hanger areas of Edwards but I can't seem to find one.) You don't think that they are planning to use that runway do you? It looks like it is about 8,000 ft long.

I see that the X-34's have shown up along with a couple of SRB's at the NASA end. (Someone planning on making one heck of a rocket car?) Also a couple of hangers are gone at the north strip.


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