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Thanks all for the additonal info. We just got back to the hotel about an hour ago. We left at 8am, hit up the front and back gates, Rachel and Cedar gate which is an interesting story. Also saw quite a bit of dog fighting over Cedar gate.
When we got to the little hump before the signs we turned around went about 100 yards down and parked on the side. We stayed and watched some of the dog fighting and got some suprises watching them pop flares going up the valley to the north. We are sitting in the car facing highway 375. I see a truck parked at the gate with headlights on for about 5 or so mins. They start down the road and think oh its just another person leving. The truck comes (4 door ford pickup white )up to our passenger side window rolled down and asked what we were doing. I clearly said taking picttures and watching the dog fighting. He asked if we could move down the road becuase we were "worrying" the guards at the gate. He then took off towards 375, we left a few minutes later. We got to the end to make the righth turn to head down 375 towards rachel and noticed the same truck was sitting at the dirt pulloff at the corner. We could see inside, he had a laptop attached to his dashboard. We pulled out and headed back towards rachel. He pulled out a few seconds later and tailed us for a few miles where I pulled off and got out to take some pictures. He passed and we didn't see him again.
Has anyone been asked to leave the cedar gate area?
Will post more when we get home, we are doing the west part of the loop in the morning.

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