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Message posted by cs409 on December 06, 2015 at 11:54:55 PST:

not sure any or many have gone to the boundary of area 51 to "taught" or "taunt" or Intimidate(with words or physical actions) but it must be ok for the camo dudes to do it! The reason people go out there is many, let me give you one. This great web site is one and other sites also. Seeing area 51 on the news, history channel and others. People just like to see what they read about and see on tv etc. We are still a free country and we have the freedom to go and do and see! If area 51 was in another country, say a communist country, well you wouldnt even get off the main hwy. if you recall glen campbells video of the camo dudes caught off area 51 and on PUBLIC LAND, THEY tried to intimidate glen into giving up the camera. Reason for that? they knew it would end up on some youtude and their employer may see it. If they really wanted it for any other reason do you really think we would have seen the video are better yet if they had the authority to take it outside area 51 do you think we would have seen the video? NO

as i have stated, the camo dudes should offer all that show up coffee/drink and donuts LOL after all if it were not for the tourist they would be out of a job.


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