Re: question about "camo dudes"

Message posted by cs409 on December 02, 2015 at 16:04:43 PST:

They do seem to run / hi / skedaddle as you stated and why is the question many would like to know! Outside area 51 boundry/property line and on public land they have no authority, NONE, unless helping with an escort outside but then it would be only for that purpose) but they do try to intimidate anyone near etc. Other than going to and from area 51 for work(eiher by white bus or Janet), why do they go outside the area?
why would they subject themselves to getting into a riff with someone outside the base? one thing they have in their favor and thats the local money collector as in Lincoln county sheriff so if you do encounter one on public land make sure u video it for your protection. Lincoln county is so broke they do not want to upset the money LOL..... so good luck on your visit and make a video....

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