U.S. MiG-23 Question

Message posted by Desert Watchdog on November 21, 2015 at 23:39:42 PST:

I found an old black and white photo of a MiG-23 with USAF markings online, and have several questions.

Obviously it's a MiG-23 in USAF markings - presumably at Groom or Tonopah?

Initially I was wondering if it was HAVE PAD, but I got to looking at the spine, and no MiG-23 I know of has that sort of spine except the MiG-23UB. It's very slight, but raised slightly more than the MiG-23MS (which have been publicly acknowledged that we had - the colour pic).

I've read Steve Davies' and Gail Peck's books, but unless I missed/forgot a part - I don't remember anything about a MiG-23UB.

Any info on this odd bird?


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