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If it's alright with everyone here, I would like to post a more stealthy first.

During WWII, the USA's MIT RadLab (Radiation Laboratory, now known as Lincoln Lab) developed two radar absorbing rubber-like materials; one for ships and the other for aircraft application. Some sources
incorrectly identify the material as MX410. However,
"MX" numbers were assigned to aircraft projects. For example, MX409 was the first XP-80 (Lulu Belle); MX410 was the XP-80A Gray Ghost. The radar absorbing material (RAM), neoprene rubber matrix with tiny aluminum (disc-shaped) flakes embedded in it was applied to the Gray Ghost. What other name would you
give something that is supposed to eleude radar?

Also, in 1950, a YRB-49 Northrop flying wing recce bomber prototype flew near radar station around Half Moon Bay, California, without being destected by those early radars. It too, the YRB-49, had the MIT developed RAM applied to its skins.

Now a bit off topic, but still relevant to Groom. Every CIA spy system; Genetrix, U-2, A-12, Corona, Key Hole, etc. were all reccomended by committees from or formed by personnel at MIT. Even the outfit EG&G was formed by an MIT physicist, Harold "Doc" Egerton. And more mystery for the pie - each time MIT's Lincoln Lab personnel visits/stays at Groom, they are always listed as EG&G personnel. Could it be that EG&G is just another way of saying MIT? Makes one go hmmmm?!

And for Zipper; who continues to believe that someone
gave (between Kelly and Tony) the other the finger gesture, and that's how the U-2 got it's designation.
Plausible - but wouldn't have more like "FU-2" than simply "U-2?

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