Message posted by Alan Gudaitis on November 08, 2015 at 12:22:04 PST:

Here in the U.S. we celebrate Veteranís Day this coming Wednesday. I had three older brothers all serve in our Air Force. I tried too but for medical reasons, ear problems, I was rejected, much to my disappointment, at age 18. So instead I joined the local Police Department in 1961 and served there for 23 years and retired with the rank of Detective Commander. At that time there was no physical exams for civilians when I joined.

But you know, I would trade that title in a heart beat just for the rank of Private in any military service, to honestly SALUTE the flag rather than hold my hand over my heart as we civilians usually do. Iím jealous of that uniform,of that salute, Iíll admit it. It has to be earned.I'll always be a wannabe soldier at heart.

When I visit Rachel and Alantown I always fly the American flag 24/7 off the back of my 5th wheel RV.It is my way of saying to the pilots that fly by that I care. At home I do the same.

I know there is a protocol for flying our flag, but I guess I am one of those who feel that our flag should never be lowered except to half mast on those sorrowful occasions. I feel that what it represents is a never ending battle against oppression and terrorism. War and our enemies never sleep, why should our flag.

On the War Memorial in England is written one of the most poignant and beautiful dedications to veterans everywhere IMHO. It simply states THAT WE HAVE SACARFICED OUR TODAYS SO THAT YOU COULD HAVE YOUR TOMORROWS.I don't think it could ever be said any better.

So, I thank all you veterans from all nations that fight along side us, veterans we call Allies because it is just not our fight alone, but a fight of every free nation.

Thank you for your service.

Alan Gudaitis


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