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Hi, Andreas:

The other two manned aircraft at Groom are:

1. Lockheed Martin (Skunks) project. Not a government-funded item. You won't find this aircraft in any government document nor budget. It is a supersonic cruise (Mach 2+)/sonic boom research type.
It resembles a scaled-down L2000 SST that Lockheed
studied in the 60s. Images of this aircraft can be
found in DLR's Black Projects ("Experimental aircraft at Groom") link. This is the aircraft that was used by the Skunks to interest DARPA to now invest in the so-called "Quiet Supersonic Platform" QSP. It has been flying for years now, but unless Lockheed Martin sees
a need to reveal it, you won't any official photos of it for years. It is also exempt from any FOIA requests.

2. The No. 2 mystery aircraft is the type now under development of visual stealth technologies

Yes, Andreas, my e-mail address is still valid.

On another matter, the number "121" as used on the first A-12 Blackbird, was a CIA/Skunk Works number, not an Air Force number. AF number (tail) was 924.
And, the "F-121" designation did not appear (in rumors
at first) until after Lockheed had purchased General
Dynamics' Forth Worth Division in 1993. General Dynamics finally beat out its old rival for the SR-71
replacement. And, finally, all A-12 Blackbirds (including the M-21) are officially listed by the USAF as SR-71s. The "A-12" identifier was an internal Skunk/CIA designator.


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