Re: Incident Commander.

Message posted by cs409 on November 01, 2015 at 9:19:57 PST:

Glenn has big brass ones for sure. I can see why some dont like him or like his method of doing research and maybe just for the way he agitates the cammo dudes. Am sure when he walked right up to the cammo dudes upset some. But maybe someone can answer this question. what was the cammo dudes doing outside the area51 border which is public land and ok for anyone to use? I say bored out of their minds, and looking for something to do! they knew glenn was out there and am sure they where just snooping to see what he was up to and or rub him a bit! I have one last question in closing. How did he just walk up to the cammo dudes on public land so near the border without being detected? what happen to the pinpoint sensors they have use of? just a few questions. hope all had a safe and fun Halloween.

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