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During DESERT STORM, there were 5 Harriers and 6 F/A-18's hit by hand-held heat seeker missiles. The missiles hit the engine nozzles on all 11. Five of the F/A-18's made it to safety with ripped tail feathers. One went down. Since the Harrier nozzles are at the wing root, all of them disintegrated, killing the pilots. As a combat fighter pilot, I know which one I would like to fly. Obviously, the F-35 won't have that problem.

Unfortunately, my roommate in my F-4 squadron at Korat Air Base in 1972 had the distinction of being the first jet shot down in combat by an SA-7. It hit that small area just above the engines and blew the tail off. They ejected and survived, since all damage was at the tail.

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