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Message posted by cs409 on October 20, 2015 at 20:07:07 PST:

After reading many post on this site as well as viewing some youtube video, it appears the camo dudes who are contractors(not sure if security guard or private police, i would guess security guard) seem to go the extra effort to guard at all cost the job they are hired to do....with that said, i would say their job does not include smart mouthing, bulling, harassing or out right trying to intimidate anyone on PUBLIC ROAD/S LAND etc. Intimidation with a car/truck as i have viewed on youtube could be viewed as road rage. not sure in nevada but in texas if you had a video as such, the driver of said car/truck might be in front of a judge reguardless of who their boss is! Last (LOL) if it where not for the few visitors that go out to the area, the camo dude force would be limited to a much smaller force, and so i think they should offer free cold water/lemonaid and cookies to visitors and thank them for creating a job for them!! LOL...just my thoughts...P.S. i have a question, sinse when does the county high sheriff go on USA real big time Federal Government propert and arrest the few who have passed go, then transport to the local county jail and then be finded and jailed by a local county??? when someone here in my area go pass go on fed land, its not a local fine! maybe someone can clear that up.

my closing thoughts are these. Why does area51 use contractors instead of Military police/guards.If you go and look and dont act like a jackass, then when you turn around and leave you should not be bothered..the camo dudes have no athority outside the farm(unless u destroyed property and they are just keeping you in sight until the sheriff arrives) unless am missing something and i think am right because there would be all sorts of horror stories!! thanks in advance...

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