Re: New taxiway hangar 2015.

Message posted by Don on October 18, 2015 at 22:11:27 PST:

You very much could have posted credit to the owner of these pictures without a link. What do you gain by doing this all the time? Do you REALLY understand what it takes to get photos like this? The work involved, the physical effort to climb with 75 pounds of gear on your back? Tikaboo is a very serious climb, most average people give up. Gary has done this several times with great results. I was with him during this last trip, it was not an easy climb. It really does take alot of effort and energy and planning to make it happen. Remember he carries camera equipment, water and camping equipment to the top for an overnight stay to get sunrise pictures. It is not fun sleeping on hard rock surfaces in cold temps all night after you spent the day climbing with the gear and your body is sore and cramping. Food is limited to what you brought up ie. beef jerky or energy bars. Everything is weight so you only take the minimums. Packs can get very heavy real quick with food and sleeping bags and tents etc. The effort Gary made to get those pictures is under appreciated when you just go post them anywhere saying, " I found these online..."

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