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I posted this in another forum, with very few replies...maybe it will spark more interest and comments here!!

As of this moment there is no definitive word as to when the winner of the LRS-B will be announced.

So with that in mind, let's ask a few questions that will soon (before the end of the year?) be answered! For me, it's sorta like before the F-117 entered the public domain. The aviation media widely reported its existence, but when it was made public, it looked nothing like most expected! Ok folks, I'll pose a few questions, let's hear what you think!

1) What will be it's designation? Will it have a formal nickname?

2) Who wins, Northrop Grumman or Lockheed-Boeing?

3) What does it look like?

4) How many engines?

5) Single, or multiple weapons bays?

6) Were demonstrators already flown? Subscale, or prototypes?

7) How many crew members?

8) Any other predictions?

My guesses!

1) B-3 (obviously) Mitchell II or Liberator II(WW2 bomber references)
2) NG , pure guess
3) NG > much like the X-47, but with rounded tip features, this seems like it might be hinted at with the shrouded aircraft in their advertisements. LM-B > much like the cancelled X-46, with straight leading edges.
4) gonna go out on a limb and say THREE! 4 is too many, and a two engine tailless aircraft will have yaw issues to deal with during a single engine failure. 3 engines close to the centerline might strike (pun intended) a balance. A 3rd engine might also power directed energy weapons during cruise flight.
5) multiple, with aux bays for self defense A2A capabilities
6) Sure! Wouldn't it be cool if a fly-off has already been held, and both 70% sub scale aircraft end up at the USAF Museum in Dayton in the R&D hangar!?!? How about the winner being announced as both aircraft taxi up to a press conference?
7) 0 as a UAS, 2 as a bomber, 4 as a command or directed energy aircraft
8) People who ACTUALLY KNOW the answers are getting a giggle out of this, and I am wrong on ALL of my guesses.

Let's hear your ideas and thoughts, and see how close we are when its announced!



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