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Message posted by FosterVS on September 17, 2015 at 13:10:11 PST:

If you are in an RV, either Coyote Summit or Alantown/gravel pile. I have camped at both in my RV for extended periods. I like the fact at the gravel pile there aren't piles of cow crap everywhere, and you have a good view to the south. It is also at a lower elevation than Coyote Summit, and I have found it a lot warmer in months like April/May when it can get pretty cold at night still. One down side is everybody that drives by can see your camp, so make sure you lock it up good if you leave your RV for a while.

If you are tenting or vehicle-camping, hidden campsite is best, or Coyote Summit. At the Black mailbox site, you will be woken up by every semi that goes by. If you are really courageous camp out at Campfire Hill, but expect to be "spotlighted" by the camo dudes all night.

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